Texas-Squared Startup Newsletter #400

Marc Nathan
23 min readMay 14

Texas Startup News, Opinion & Events in the Lone StartUP State
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Texas-Squared 400th Issue

Welcome to the 400th issue of the Texas-Squared Startup Newsletter. Each one of those little Texas logos in the graphic above represents approximately 250 hand-curated articles each week, which means about 100,000 links over the almost eight years of publication. I’ve had many people ask how long it takes to piece it all together every week and I’ve gotten it down to roughly five hours. 400 issues X 5 Hours is 20,000 hours or twice the ‘legal limit’ of 10,000 hours to become an expert. While I don’t feel exactly like an expert, I do have a few lessons learned about publishing a weekly newsletter and covering the startup community in the great State of Texas:

  • Know Your Audience — the Texas-Squared Startup Newsletter is for founders, funders, and service providers to understand what’s happened in the previous week. My driving mantra is ‘Be Helpful’ and that forces me to make sure I’m selecting the right articles for my reader. I have a fictional startup founder/venture professional reader in mind for every article I include and if it’s not relevant to these personas, I cut it. In my mind, this reader opens the email over their Sunday morning coffee and skims the headlines, clicking on an occasional link or two that they wouldn’t find in their ‘regular’ data diet. These little…
Marc Nathan

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